Extra Virgin Olive Oil is only produced in specific areas that have mild and temperate climates where tradition is valued and its links to the territory have remained intact.

In these places, the ancient art of making this excellence arise from nature has been passed down from generation to generation with great love and the highest respect for the environment.

A territory such as that found in Mediterranean Europe offers an enormous variety of high quality olive grove types that have provided us with extraordinary biodiversity. Each territory makes its own contribution to this biodiversity with its different olive tree varieties (“cultivars”), each with its own distinct taste.

However, there are other things that make these regions so exclusive: the extraordinary beauty of their landscapes, the testimonies of their illustrious history, the works of art that seem to be placed everywhere. All of these make them unforgettable travel destinations. Visiting the places where Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from is a fascinating experience and an exceptional opportunity to learn more about a true wonder of nature.

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