UNAPROL, the National Union of Olive Producers, is the largest association in the olive growing sector of Italy and all Europe. It brings together 56 olive producing organisations spread out throughout the regions of Italy in which olives are cultivated. It represents more than 60% of the Italian olive growing sector.

Unaprol was recognised by Mipaaf as a producers’ association as per article 152 and 156 of EU regulation no. 1308/2013 with Ministerial Decree protocol 0005940, dated 30/01/2015.

It involves over 270,000 Italian olive businesses operating on over 3 million hectares of land producing quality extra virgin olive oil.

It is currently working on numerous projects organised with the support of the European Union, and generally performs actions to make environmental improvements in the systems of olive cultivation and production as well as improvement in the quality of olive oil. It has the largest European monitoring and traceability network, which samples from 700 supply chains and over 10 million olive companies spread out over all of Italy, a network which represents the best in Italian quality and the Made In Italy brand throughout the world. To this end, UNAPROL has implemented specific production regulations for High Quality Olive Oil. Among Unaprol’s activities, there is also the technical and commercial support for all the members of its network to comply with the regulations and promote the resulting product abroad. For example, there is the “Sector Framework Agreement” underwritten by the Ministry for Economic Development for the programming of promotional and internationalisation activities.

So far this has set up incoming and promotional activities for the North American and Southeast Asian markets. Unaprol has its own professional tasting committee, recognised by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. It also organises educational activities that allow attendees to acquire the professional olive oil taster’s qualification and to be registered in the association of the same. This possibility is open to consumers and operators in the sector as well as those working in restaurants, catering, hospitality, and journalists that need to understand the sensory characteristics and uses of olive oil. Unaprol also provided education for officers of national state bodies and private organisations that monitor and oversee the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

President: David Granieri
General Director: Nicola Di Noia

President Dr. Antonio Cepparulo, member of the Register of Legal Auditors, no. 70736
Regular auditor Dr. Stefano Melchiorri, member of the Register of Legal Auditors, no. 37365
Regular auditor Dr. Fabio Porfiri, member of the Register of Legal Auditors, no. 47085

President Ettore Maria Rosato
Maria Di Martino
Laura Bua