Olive Oil in Russian Cuisine

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not only a pleasure of the taste buds or an unparalleled aroma, but it is also an expression of the lifestyle of well-being and nature. Perfect in its absolute simplicity and always present in the Mediterranean diet, Extra Virgin Olive Oil nourishes and protects your body and is good for people of all ages.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil harmoniously brings together benefits that are difficult to find in any other single food. It regulates blood cholesterol levels and facilitates digestion. It is rich in vitamins and helps childhood development. Its high levels of oleic acid play an important role in preventing cardiovascular disease.
The particular environmental conditions of Mediterranean Europe are at the base of this genetic wealth of olive cultivars that have led to olive trees being literally and figuratively rooted throughout the territory. The innate vocation has since developed step by step modern production know-how while still maintaining its artisanal characteristics. It has a capacity for continuous development that has been enhanced by the implementation of new production criteria and technology.

Current European and national laws and regulations have been put in place to support this tradition and development with strict checks of the production chain to guarantee the consumer always receives an authentic and verified product that is traceable. Traceability is a necessary requirement for the health and quality of olives to be eaten and for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The guarantee of excellence within this complex universe is without doubt the PDO and PGI seals, marks that indicate membership in an exclusive club limited to the best European companies in the sector.

Finally, its versatility in the kitchen and the opportunities for pairing are not limited to the Mediterranean diet or traditional cuisine, but are also part of the most advanced and innovative culinary and food trends of the moment, all of which testify to the high quality of the olive productions of the European food production sector. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is such a versatile ingredient that it easily adapts to cooking traditions that are very distant from those of Europe, such as Russian cooking.

The people of these countries are also traditionally very conscious of the psycho-physical well-being of their bodies and for this reason are even more in tune with the incredible sensory qualities typical of a gift of nature like Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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